July 31, 2016

Heron Scarer

Herons are a real problem for many most significantly those of us who keep fish in ponds or businesses such as trout farms and fisheries. A Heron Scarer is an effective solution to keeping herons away from your fish and ponds, the deterrents also know as heron repellers, are inexpensive and well worth the small outlay to keep your fish safe while helping you get all important piece of mind.

We all know how important our fish are and to have them taken away by a heron is not a happy experience, a lot of koi carp owners have lost not only their prized fish but also substantial amounts of money because they did not use any form of heron scarer or deterrent, no matter if your an experienced fish keeper or new to the whole process getting your deterrents in place from the start is the right thing to do.

How To Keep Herons Away

There are a few solutions to choose from when trying to deter herons such as awkward netting, the most popular and efficient is the water scarecrow which uses a sensor to detect motion and fires burst in that direction to scare away any unwanted visitors, another popular method is a simple heron decoy device which is also pretty effective at keeping the real herons away from the feedback we have received.

The Ultrasonic heron scarer is theĀ  device which again uses a motion sensor, the problem is many of these is that they don’t work on birds well, or at all. They do work for keeping cats, dogs and foxes away but not really herons – so don’t waste you money.

The Most Effective Heron Scarer

water heron repellerThis product is the water scarecrow by havahart, not the cheapest available but is without doubt the most effective in the market. It’s quality built when compared to the cheaper water repellents available and is a very effective deterrent to help keep herons and indeed many other unwanted visitors away from your fish pond. Find out more or buy online here.